Muse Monday [12/10/2018]

    • Today is your expiration date.
    • People often sound different over the phone or communicating online than how they appear in person.  What are those two (or three) sides for your character? Letter voice vs salon voice? Customer service voice vs friend voice?
    • They never really knew their great uncle; neither did anyone else in the family. Even so, they were awarded a remote cabin from his estate, along with all the strange possessions within.
    • No one has dreams. The darkness eats them. But today, you have a dream.  Something has the darkness running.
    • Music for writing (tis the season?):

This week’s Muse Monday was written by Victor Tackett. To submit writing prompts of your own, send us a message at We publish a block of 5 writing prompts, 4 text and 1 song, every Monday.

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