Muse Monday [4]

  • Take a scene you have been having trouble with, or just doesn’t quite feel right. Now rewrite it from an entirely different point of view.


  • What past event haunts your character? (Or, what upcoming event is sure to haunt them?)


  • Start with the line: He never thought he would see dawn again.


  • Your character has been drifting.


  • This week’s music: “Be True” by Abel Korzeniowski from the Penny Dreadful OST

This week’s Muse Monday was written by Victor Tackett. To submit writing prompts of your own, send us a message at We publish a block of 5 writing prompts, 4 text and 1 song, every Monday.

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For updates from the writer about the site and life in general, visit @RelentlessMuse on Twitter.

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