Muse Monday [3]

  • Every place has normal sounds that go with it. What kind of sounds are in your character’s home? Their workplace?


  • Take a place that your character frequents. Now write a regular day at that place, from someone else’s point of view (or from the place’s point of view as a more omniscient piece).


  • Who does your character miss? What situation made them part ways with your character?


  • Think about what climate your story exists in. Is it frozen tundra? Tropical island? Desert? How does this affect the story you are telling? Would the story you are telling not change if you changed the climate, and what can you do to signal the place’s importance?


  • This week’s music: “Blood on my Name” by the Brothers Bright

This week’s Muse Monday was written by Victor Tackett. To submit writing prompts of your own, send us a message at We publish a block of 5 writing prompts, 4 text and 1 song, every Monday.

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