Muse Monday [1]

  • Everyone has a place they would prefer to never go back to.  What sensory information brings your character back to that place?  Write a scene where the character is reminded of that place because of sensory input. For example: the way the Autumn leaves crunch underfoot, the smell of damp pine needles, etc.
  • A normal event goes sideways.  There are many parts of the day we– and our characters– can put on autopilot.  Take one of these events and force your character to get out of autopilot.
  • Having your character look in the mirror as a way to describe them is overdone, and just about every writing advice site I’ve seen says do not do it. But what if your character looks in the mirror, and what they see looking back is not them?
  • How does your character keep track of what is going on in their life? Do they write in a journal? Use Google Calendar?  Keep voice recorded notes?  Write an entry.
  • This week’s music: “The Hidden Map” by Bear McCeary, from Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1

This week’s Muse Monday was written by Victor Tackett. To submit writing prompts of your own, send us a message at We publish a block of 5 writing prompts, 4 text and 1 song, every Monday.

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